American Auto Inc is family owned company that specialize in providing towing services in all states here in United States. The company has been operating for over ten years now and it is still going strong. Despite the many challenges that we encountered along the way especially during the initial stages, we still managed to put through and have stood the tests of time.


Well Educated Staff

Education is key if you are to succeed in the towing industry. You need to know how to relate with people and how to also offer the towing service. We have a team of experts who are well educated and have years of experience. They have academic qualifications and these qualifications were certified by carrying out a background study to determine their feasibility.

Modern Towing Trucks

The towing trucks that you are using have a direct impact on the quality of the towing services that you actually offer. This is the truth that the small towing companies that have limited resources as well as those that are trying to get their feet wet do not want to accept. We have invested in modern trucks that we use to offer our towing services. Just like other cars, they need to be regularly maintained and we do that on a weekly basis. This work ethic has greatly helped us to always deliver our local towing services on time.

Customer Oriented Work Ethics

I do not know about you but I love engaging with companies that care about their clients and do everything in their powers to make sure that they deliver the best services. We have work ethics that are customer oriented. You do not need to do your research on that, just give us a call and gauge how we will respond to your call and spring into action if you get stuck on the road.

Wide Connections

We do not offer the complex car repairs, but we do haveĀ  a team of experts who can help you repair the car in no time and without charging you millions of dollars. They have auto facility that are modernized and capable of delivering the best service to clients. However,if the issue of your car is within our capabilities, Pontiac towing will do our best to repair it and get you back on the road in no time.

We Love Towing

The secret to living an awesome life is by loving what you do. We love towing not because it is the only thing that we know, but because we love what we do. By hiring us, you can be sure that your car will be carried to the specific location that you choose on time.

Call us today for the best towing service. No matter the size or model of your car, we have a perfect solution for you.

The Process of a Civil Case for a Car Accident

Auto mishaps are the leading cause of death among children and adolescents in the United States and the leading cause of accidental death in each state. Although numerous cars and truck accidents Stark, triggered by careless chauffeurs, there are many other reasons for death in a vehicle accident. If you are involved in a vehicle accident, be prepared to work with a great mishap attorney.

If you are associated with a car mishap, be prepared to hire a good accident attorney. An accident attorney can start the legal process by submitting a grievance to the courts. This is the beginning of a procedure called civil litigation. An accident attorney, for the most parts, will add the quantity of the filing cost with the settlement costs at the end of the case, and the plaintiff will just be responsible for it if a judgment is granted. The offender receives a summons from the court that can be delivered by someone besides the defendant. This is generally done by a process server. Sometimes, a counterclaim is filed where the offender feels entitled to a quantity from the complainant. In both accounts, an answer must be submitted within a specific amount of time. This is the time when the offender usually hires a legal representative. If the defendant has insurance coverage, the insurance provider will, in most circumstances, currently have an accident attorney available for their defense. For more information about car auto accidents, you may check this siteĀ MC Whips Auto Body Repair & Collision Shop.

The next phase of the process is referred to as discovery.


This is when the mishap lawyer for both parties gathers info that will concern the case. This includes deposition, which is sworn testimony from the other celebration. It can likewise include particular reports and/or documents that are beneficial to the case. From the minute a problem is filed through the period of discovery, a resolution can be reached that will keep both celebrations out of court. The next step for a mishap lawyer is to file motions that will affect the details and statement during trial.

The next action is called a pre-trial hearing


This can be a time where both celebrations pertain to terms, in addition to a last chance for the case to avoid a trial. Typically, if a case is favorable for the complainant, the insurance coverage company (or mishap attorney representing them or the defendant) will continue to offer a sum that increases as the trial date looms. This is an effort to prevent trial with a minimal quantity of financial damage. An excellent mishap attorney for the plaintiff comprehends that if the other celebration is willing to use a specific quantity, then it is best to hold off from taking the first amount offered. This is probably among the best reasons to hire a mishap lawyer. If you are not represented, you might be susceptible to reaching a settlement with an amount that may look like a lot at the time, however, does not fully cover all of the expenses in the end from the injuries sustained from the accident.

If there is no agreement reached in the pre-trial hearing, a formal date will be set for trial. This is a compilation of argument, information computer Innovation Articles, witnesses and proof presented to a panel of jurors who figure out if the case stands. An excellent mishap attorney will know how to present the evidence in a way that will ensure that you get the total to cover all your expenses and any continuous issues from the mishap.