About Us


American Auto Inc is a reputable company that has been offering some of the best towing services in the world for thirty years now. The company is family owned but we have a number of venture firms and partners whom we work with on a regular basis to make sure that we offer the best services.

I think one of the main attributes that have helped us to get to where we are today is our ability to bounce back into action after going through a rough patch. That is resilience and determination if you ask me. It would not have been possible to do that without the assistance of our personnel and partners.

The second and most important aspect that enable us to catapult our services to the top level is our ability to offer quality auto and truck towing services all across the globe. To do this, we have set camp in different countries. We also carry out research to know the market needs in the various geographical locations.

Customer support is another segment of our business that we have devoted time and money into to ensure that our services remain on top of the league. Since we offer emergency towing services, it is imperative that we have a team that is always available to respond to clients.

Finally, we have special packages and offers for all our customers. When you call us, do not forget to ask for a special discount from our team.